mask “Shine with all you have. When someone tries to blow you out, just take their oxygen and burn brighter.” –Katelyn S. Irons


We are nearly there.

Only few days left for 2014 to come to an end.

Can you feel the energy of 2015?

Are questions already clouding your mind about 2015?

  • What will 2015 bring you?
  • Is it going to be better than 2014 or worse?

These questions assume that you have no power over your destiny.

I invite you to ask some challenging questions.

Will you increase your capacity to hold a mirror to yourself and see the ‘real you’.

An aspect of the ‘real you’ that you have not given life to.

Will you allow all the assumptions about what you should be melt away and step in to ‘what you really are’?

Is there a part of you that you have not breathed life in to?

Going within, expanding, and giving life to parts of the real you is the best gift you can ever have.

It is not easy.

But imagine a life lived where your entire life was spent living other peoples expectation of you to a point you no longer know the ‘real you’?

Please don’t let another year pass by where you are adding more nails to the coffin to the essence of you.

Will your goals and actions in 2015 designed to breathe life in to the real you?

I sincerely hope so.

Happy 2015.


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