Here is how this website can help you and your business grow

This website has a single purpose. To help you develop inspiring business habits that will help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.


We are the sum of our habits. Habits can be defined as a simple automatic decision making process. We have no control over the results we produce. But we have full control over the ‘action’ we take. Our actions are governed by our habits. Good habits lead to better, inspiring actions. In return these actions will lead us to success in life and business.

In the last 12 years of coaching clients one to one, I can distil down their success to just one attribute. Habits: to be precise success habits. When my clients establish success habits – success in their business follows. All the strategies, tactics and tools are secondary to success habits. Without success habits, every little success becomes temporary.

Duke University (2006) research suggests that 40% of our daily actions we perform are not ‘decisions’ – but habits. Then why not form better habits?

How will this website help you?

Weekly: Every Tuesday you will receive thought provoking and habit changing emails (cutting edge psychological techniques, intellectual frameworks, research backed studies and case studies)  sent to your inbox. They may not necessarily refer to specific habits. They are designed restructure your mindset, making you more susceptible to better habits. It will open up your receptors, nurturing your mind in new ways; there is much truth in the saying, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” For an example if you are proud of your multitasking skills, a researched backed email may open your eyes to why multi-tasking actually kills productivity. As a result you may want to consider different productive habits.

End of month nudge:  In addition to my weekly newsletters at the end of every month you will receive a gentle “end of month nudge” to prompt you to review the month to make the most out of everything you do.

Exciting Interviews: There’s probably one thing we can agree on: The people around you dictate your success. There is no faster, more effective way to fill the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be than having the right passionate and supportive people in your corner. With this in mind, I will be interviewing successful people across a wide range of disciplines to bring you their success habits!

All this for FREE!

A little bit about me:

Ravi Peal-Shankar

 Family first:  I am fully committed to my family. I don’t take my commitment lightly. I have learned that commitment is not a concept – it is an experience that I live day in day out.

Integrity:  First of all I keep my promises to myself and others. I constantly check to see whether I am aligned with what I am expecting others to do.

Health: I cannot control how long I live. But I take full responsibility for my health and do everything in my power to eat healthy and keep as fit as I can.

Learning: This is my attitude towards learning: I know very little. I read about 5 books a month, watch video’s and listen to audio programmes. I still know very little.

Passion: I am passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs, who are imprisoned by their business – to break free. I am passionate about ‘democratizing business expertise’ and making it available to as many business owners and entrepreneurs as possible. And more importantly I help entrepreneurs build businesses that work without them. In addition to by Business Coaching practice, I use this blog as a vehicle to reach as many business owners and entrepreneurs to help them form better, successful business habits.

Inspiration: I have an unquenchable thirst for constant inspiration. I consider inspiration my ‘soul’ energy. When I am inspired, in return I am able to inspire others as well.

Habits: I love deliberately forming habits. The process of forming these habits is very challenging. But once formed, that part of my life improves exponentially.

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