How to make your ideas stick

by on 23/10/2014

thin slice “If we can control the environment in which rapid cognition takes place, then we can control rapid cognition” ― Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell calls it (in his book BLINK) thin slicing.

Whenever we encounter a new idea we ‘thin slice’ it.

We make a brief observation to assess outcomes.

Because our brain wants to conserve energy, it ‘chunks’ the new information and comes to a quick conclusion.

Why is this important?

Your prospects and customers are ‘thin slicing’ the information you send out.

We don’t want them to mis-interpret the intent of your communication.

So here are some tips to better communicate your ideas:

Simplify: If the whole idea were ‘chunked’, how would you explain it to a 13 year old.

Focus: Bring tighter focus to the idea

Inspire: Does your idea inspire action

Actionable: Is your idea actionable?

Connect: Does it connect with the people you are talking to?

Instant appeal: Does it have an instant appeal?

Momentum: Can your idea build momentum?

Thin slicing makes a big difference when your idea successfully reaches the part of the emotional reasoning mind that is hidden behind so many layers of logic.

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