When accounting firms want to grow, who do they contact for help?


“30% increase in business …in just 10
months in the middle of a recession”

Dear Business Owner,

Like the accounting firm above, if you want ….

  • Your business to increase its turnover and profits without having to spend a fortune.
  • More freedom to live your life and still enjoy a strong and steady stream of income from your business.
  • To know that your business, whilst successful, has the opportunity to do even better.
  • To have more opportunities to use your talents and personal power!


  • Like most entrepreneurs you were inspired to build the business of your dreams because you love your products and services. You want to make a difference in the world through them. You want the independence. You want to run your own show. And, you want to enjoy greater financial rewards for your talent, enthusiasm, and risk-taking ..
  • But building the business of your dreams can quickly become the worst of your nightmares. Instead of your business supporting the life of your dreams, your life quickly becomes a slave to your business, all because you have become the business.
  • If you are the business, have you ever wondered, what happens when you are not there? Have you asked yourself why put years of hard work, sweat, blood and guts to build a business that stops working – when you stop ?
  • You feel frustrated about how much work you put in and how little you have to show for it each month. You feel you are carrying the world on your shoulders and feel isolated.
  • You’ve been doing okay in business, but you’re tired of just “okay.” You’ve watched other similar businesses come in and grow faster than you, and you wonder if you can ever “get over the hump” into real momentum. You’d love to feel what it is like to really have your business fly.
  • You’ve had success, maybe even a lot of it, and now it’s time for what’s next. Successful people get to a certain level because of knowledge and strategies that work. But, you suspect it’s time to go into the unknown, both in business, and in your heart. You need to allow yourself to be transformed, and you don’t know how to go about it.
  • You feel like a hamster on the hamster wheel! (Hamster wheel being your business). You are afraid, if you step off the hamster wheel, your business will stop growing.

Then you may have come to the right place!

Hi, I’m Ravi Peal-Shankar, owner of Results Business Coach. As a Business Coach, I’ve been helping business owners get better results from their businesses since 2000. And yes, there are better, more successful ways to build your business that will work without you.

If all of this sounds overwhelming then Coaching is not for you!

However, if you are truly committed and have the burning desire to take the next step towards building a business that WILL provide the life and lifestyle you richly deserve,please get in touch.

Just mouse over to see….

Are you someone who qualifies for my help?

Warmest Wishes,

Ravi Peal-Shankar
Results Business Coach