How to read people

by on 30/09/2014

readmind “We considered behaving, but it’s against our nature.” ― O.R. Melling, The Book of Dreams

Do you know …

Someone who turns up late is likely to turn up late in most cases.

A person who lies will lie in most cases.

A person who gets up early will get up early in most cases.

A business owner who focuses on win-lose outcome will always tend to negotiate a win for him regardless of what the other party gets.

A customer who does not pay you on time will do the same to others as well.

The reason…

We are always true to ourselves.

We are always true to our deeply held beliefs and values.

That is ..

“How a person does something is how that person – does everything!”

When you observe how a person behaves naturally, the chances are that they are likely to behave like that most of the time.

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