SOCIAL PROOF “We look at behaviour as acceptable in a given situation to the degree we see others perform it. In a nutshell, most of us go along with what the majority does.”

I was talking to an inventor who wants to market a product that he recently invented.

It was a simple, inexpensive product that could prevent our cars being scratched and damaged by supermarket trolleys and other cars parked so close to us.

You would imagine people queueing to buy it.


In spite of demonstrations and displays in car parks and other areas not many are buying it.

Most people are showing a lot of interest.

Many think it is a brilliant idea.

But people are NOT buying it.

My guess is that there isn’t enough ‘social proof’ for people buy.

That is, we are not seeing others buy and use it so that we can do the same.

In a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’, he explains how restaurants get people to eat Tripe (Cow’s stomach)

The restaurants who sell tripe make sure their customers watch others eat and enjoy tripe. Social proof.

In your business how do you provide social proof?


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